Hello and thank you for stopping by! In our shop you will find fun and easy e-patterns, which are perfect for beginners, all you need are some basic sewing skills and some simple tools. (sewing tutorials and helpful tips can be found in our "How To" Section) With our patterns you can make your own equipment and save up to 75% on the cost of high quality equipment. And because you make it you can custom design and alter patterns to meet your needs and create new designs! Our patters are modeled loosely after those of the 14th to 17th Century, as well as some purely fantasy based products and have been made by leather craftsman that actually involves them self's in LARP's and SCA competitions! I hope you enjoy our offerings.

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    New – Simple Leather Arms

    These leather arms are easy to make and very stylish. Sometimes called rerebrace or vambrace these articulated arms fully protect the lower arm, elbow and upper arm with a fully enclosed style. This pattern can be made from 8-12 ounce … Continue reading

    New – Apothecary Kit

    Weather your herbalist skills come from the study of medicines or magick, this highly practical herbalist kit will woo the best of emm. This easy to build project is made from soft yet durable suede leather and capable of safely … Continue reading

    New – Double Fold Journal

      This leather bound book project is one of our highest recommended project for the first time leather worker. This project is inexpensive to build and very easy for someone learning basic techniques. Each book is scalable from 50 to … Continue reading

    NEW – Leather Spiky Spaulders Pattern

    We have a new design that gives another option over the classical spaulder design. This leather pattern has a distinctive spiky look to the sides of the spaulder and this design has seen use in LARP and SCA combat. See … Continue reading

    NEW – Leather Gorget Pattern

    This is a brilliant piece. This design has seen use in LARP and SCA combat. Designed to hinge open and allow for maximum comfort this will be a piece you will love! See This Pattern Here.  

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